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Entry is open from about 7:30 am Wednesday until 12:00 pm Saturday

Signup envelopes will be available on Wednesday mornings.

Please use the waitlist afterwards. 

If a player is needed, I will fill in from the list.

You can make sure if you are signed up here ...



ALWAYS Check which Flight you are in for each game.

It may change week to week due to the amount of players that week.

It will be noted under your name on the score card.


Upcoming Game


April 17th

 Two Man 9/9


2 man teams

 Front 9 is Best Score using Individual Handicaps

Back 9 is Scramble using 50% Combined Handicaps

Flights  3 2 1

Do NOT sign up if you think there is a chance you cannot play.

If you drop out after signing up, your partner cannot play.

You must put in an envelope for every game you wish to play.

 Golf course policy - only 2 Riding carts per Foursome

If you need to CANCEL do it ASAP,

but no later than 10:00 Monday so we have some time to rearrange Pairings,  

Call or Text Bruce  772-664-1946 you can leave a message. A Text is better.

       Do Not call the Pro Shop to cancel because if they don't tell me then you are a NO SHOW  

 *** If you are a NO SHOW then you cannot play the next 2 weeks.

Barefoot Bay Men's Golf Association

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