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Jim the Rules Guy says look here....

Flights will be adjusted to keep them as even as possible so ALWAYS check which Flight you will be playing in.

It's always on the score card under your name.

Use our drop safe. Envelopes are provided. Please use the proper envelope and fill out all lines.

Sign Up envelopes are only accepted from Wednesday morning until 12 noon the Saturday before the game. 

FEE Structure: $30.00 yearly League Membership Fee is due January 1st or before                                                    your first round with the league thereafter.

                             $5.00 per game. $4.00 goes to prize fund and pin shots.

                                                      $1.00 goes into the League's general fund.

                             $10.00 for food & beverage at the General Meetings

                             Handicap fees must be current. They are paid with the Pro Shop.

You Must have a GHIN Handicap number, a current handicap and an Email address to be a member.

Dues, Game fees, Food and any other envelopes will be provided at the Drop Box.

Please use the proper envelope.

Please login to the Golf Genius Portal  

Go to "Sign In" at the upper right corner of the portal and sign in. Then go to the menu item "Tee Sheets" choose "Golfer Profile", click "Edit" at the bottom of that page. Update what you can. We need your address.

use this button to get to the Portal...

Barefoot Bay Men's Golf Association

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