Minutes - General Meeting - 11/24/2021


The meeting was called to order by the president at 12:02 pm


Roll Call requested by the president with the following results.

President – Ed Constantino Present

Vice President – Dave Connor Present

Secretary – Ken Gionet Present

Treasurer – Hugh Murphy Present

Tournament Chairman – Bruce Amoss Present

Social Chairman - David Foisy Present

Scoring Chairman – Mark Lavaway Present

Verifying Chairman – Charlie Lefebvre Present

Rules Chairman - Jim McClintock Present

Publicity Chairman – Mike Lontine Present

Sunshine Chairman – Bud Henderson Present


Secretary's Report - The secretary reported that the minutes for the previous meeting held on 10/21 were posted on our website. He asked for a motion and second that they be accepted as posted. John Armstrong made that motion and George Townsend seconded it. This was unanimously approved by the membership.

At this point in the meeting the secretary informed the membership that we will be conducting our annual election process to elect the Board Members for the 2022 term 1/1/22 thru 12/31/22.


The secretary addressed the membership as follows;

I would like to ask for a motion to elect the following people as our 2022 Board of Officers and Committee members positions. These positions were all uncontested with only one person signing up to run for each. The original sign up sheet that was posted for any member interested in running for a board position will be put on file for the record.



President Dave Connor

Vice President John Armstrong

Secretary Ken Gionet

Treasurer Hugh Murphy

Tournament Chairman Bruce Amoss

Social Chairman David Foisy

Rules Chairman Jim McClintok

Verifying Chairman Charlie Lefebvre

Scoring Chairman Mark Lavaway

Publicity Chairman Mike Lontine

Sunshine Chairman Bud Henderson



George Townsend made a motion as read by the secretary, Doug McGrath seconded this motion and it was unanimously approved.

The secretary thanked the membership and congratulated the members elected to serve as our 2022 Board of Officers and Committee Members.


Treasurer's Report – Hugh reported that we have a current total available fund balance of $6,094. He also submitted a detailed report for October activity that will be put on file.


President's Report – Ed wished the members a pleasant and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Vice Presidents Report – Dave reported that we currently have 145 members. This is down 2 from the same time last year. Dave introduced 7 new members and also reported that we had a winner today for the Hole-In-One pool. Rich Krywe won the $370 that was in the pool.

He got this on hole #2 with a 6 iron. This will now start over so anyone that is interested in signing up for it should see Dave ASAP.


Correspondence & Outstanding Bills – None


Tournament Chairman – Nothing to report

Scoring Chairman – Nothing to report

Verifying Chairman - Charlie announced the 2 winners for closest to the pin shot.

The team winners for today's match will be available on our website tomorrow.

Rules Chairman – Jim postponed a powerpoint presentation about how and why to take free relief until our next general meeting due to some technical equipment issues.

Social Chairman – David provided information on what our actual costs currently are for food and drinks at our general meetings. For 1 keg of beer its $225, and we sometimes use more than one. This amounts to about $3 per member on average. For the food at these meetings it ranges between $9 for sandwiches and dessert to $13 for a hot meal with desert. Our cost per member is between $12 and $16 per member. This is why the board had voted to increase the cost from $5 to $8 for each of these meeting/food & drink events. After announcing at our October general meeting that we will be going to $8 and after lots of discussion, the membership made a motion that we go to $10 and this was approved by an overwhelming majority. David also said that last year during Covid we had 4 free hot dog and hamburger events with drinks after some golf matches and also a picnic and other gatherings. These events are totally or partially funded by money collected thru memberships, weekly golf fees, 50/50 raffles, etc. and this is what also helps to subsidized these general meeting costs.

David said that if anyone thinks they are getting a raw deal because we went to $10 for these few general meeting events they are sadly mistaken. He asked that this information be passed on to any member not in attendance.

Publicity Chairman – Nothing to report

Sunshine Chairman – Bud informed the membership that Bob Ragnone's wife had died.

Old Business – None

New Business – Bud held the drawing for our 50/50 drawing. There were 4 winners at $30 each.

Our next scheduled meeting will be January 26th in D&E

A motion to adjourn by Earle Martin, seconded by Terry Vito was unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 12.32 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Gionet