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Minutes – General Meeting – 5/19/21



Meeting called to order by the President at 11:27 AM


A moment of silence was observed and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the membership.


Roll Call was requested by the President with the following results.


President – Ed Constantino Present

Vice President – Dave Connor Present

Secretary – Ken Gionet Present

Treasurer –-Hugh Murphy Absent


Tournament Chairman - Bruce Amoss Present

Scoring Chairman – Mark Lavaway Absent

Verifying Chairman – Charlie Lefebvre Present

Rules Chairman – Jim McKlintok Absent

Social Chairman - David Foisy Present

Publicity Chairman – Mike Lontine Present

Sunshine Chairman – Bud Henderson Present


Secretary’s Report – The secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting held 2/6/2020. A motion to accept these as read was made by Dick Filby 2nd by Bill O'Donnell and was unanimously approved.


Treasurers Report – In Hugh's absence the Secretary read from his report for the end of April, 2021. The total balance on 4/30/21 was $5,304.67 minus the pre-paid golf amount of $1,106 giving us an available cash balance of 4,198.67.


Presidents Report – Ed introduced Mike Maino, Chairman BBRD Board of Trustees who is also a

member of our men's league. Mike said that he has been working to get clarification on our

chit system in the pro shop and weather or not they should expire. He reported the following:


That a general question was asked of BBRD legal counsel Mr. Repperger about our


It was determined by our legal counsel that chits are not gift certificates because they are considered sporting event prizes and under Florida Law they “can” expire.

Ernie Cruz published a letter informing us of this as well as saying that he understands
the confusion and Trepidation over the past year and that he will extend the expiration

date for any outstanding chits to 12/23/2022.

There will be a letter coming from the Board of Trustees informing us of this decision

and that in the future these chits will be extended to expire on 12/23 each year rather

than in September.

Our options at this point are:

1. Stop using chits and write checks or pay each winner weekly or at some

            1. duration.

2. We can continue with the current chit system and they will expire in

            1. December each year.

3. We can tell the Chairman that we do not want chits to expire and ask that he

present a motion to that effect at a future BBRD Board of Trustees meeting.


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Minutes – General Meeting – 5/19/21


A lengthy discussion with questions and answers about this subject followed.

David Lane made a motion that we authorize Mike Maino to introduce a motion at the June

BBRD Trustees Meeting to change the rules governing the chits for golf leagues so that they do not expire. This was seconded by Gene Petty. A standing count was taken with the motion passing.



Vice Presidents Report – Dave introduced several new members to everyone and reported that we currently have 130 members in our league. He also reported that the Hole-In-One pool is at $115. It's low because it was just hit last week by Mike Lontine and he reminded everyone

to sign up again. Dave also said he has some rules of golf booklets for anyone that did not get one yet.


Correspondence and Outstanding Bills – None




Tournament Chairman – Bruce reminded everyone again that there is an abundance of information on

our website and on our Facebook page. Please use these resources as they can answer

lots of questions you may have. He also reviewed things that need to be done properly like putting a name on the envelope you put in the box with money in it.

He also reviewed a new game format we will be playing next week.

Bruce then reminded everyone about our cancellation rules and said there have been last minute cancellations with no explanation and some no shows. He put everyone on notice that our 2 week suspension policy will be reasonably enforced so make sure you notify him whenever you will not be playing. Remember, when you don't show up it also affects the other

members of the team you are scheduled to play with.

Bruce also reminded everyone about our summer break from July 1st thru the end of

September and that the hole in one pool is also suspended during that time.


Scoring Chairman – No Report


Verifying Chairman – Charlie announced and paid the closet to the pin winning teams. He also

announced the 1st thru 4th place winning teams.


Rules Chairman - No report


Social Chairman - David announced that our upcomming Christmas Party will be held on Friday

December 17th in Building A. The starting time and cost for guest tickets (1) will be announced in the fall. He also said that Ernie Cruz paid for the keg of beer today and that it would be nice

if some members could thank him for his generosity.


Publicity Chairman – Nothing to report.


Sunshine Chairman – Bud informed the membership that Majors wife passed away yesterday.






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Minutes – General Meeting – 5/19/21




Old Business - None


New Business – The 50/50 Raffel was held with 3 winners at $45 each and 1 winner for a case

of Bud Light Beer.


Our next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday October 27th immediatley following play.


A motion to adjourn was made by Dennis Denobile, 2nd by John Armstrong and unanimously



Meeting was adjourned at 12:35 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Ken Gionet, Secretary.