The name of this association will be: BAREFOOT BAY MEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION


The object of the Association shall be the promotion of good golf; to conduct various golf tournaments for its members; to promote good fellowship, sportsmanship and the accurate handicapping of all members.


Section 1. The elected officers of the Association will be the Board of Directors. They shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Chairmen of the following Committees: Tournament, Verifying, Rules, Scoring, Social, Publicity and Sunshine.

Section 2. The current President shall be the Chairman of the Nomination Committee of Board members for the upcoming Calendar Year. Candidates for elective office shall be nominated from October 1st thru one week before our General Membership Meeting in November, at which time the nominations will be considered closed. This shall be done using a sign up sheet. These nominations shall be presented for a vote as follows;

a. By the members in attendance at the November general meeting excluding anyone that has previously submitted an absentee ballot.

b. By using the official absentee ballot submitted after nominations close thru 1 day prior to the General Membership Meeting.

All candidates are expected to regularly attend a majority of our monthly scheduled Board and General Membership Meetings each Calendar Year, and must be a Barefoot Bay Golf Course Member in good standing, and must be a Barefoot Bay Men’s Association Member in good standing.


Section 1. The control and management of the Association and its affairs shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors composed of officers and chairmen as stated in Article III. The outgoing President and Secretary shall become ex-official non-voting members of the Board the following year.



Section 2. The officers shall be elected by majority vote at the General Membership meeting in November of each year. This will be done using all absentee ballots that have been submitted prior to this meeting plus all ballots completed by the members voting at this meeting. Tenure of office shall be one year with the assumption of duties during the first week of January.

Section 3. The regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month or as determined by the board. A Special Meeting may be called at any time. The President must call a Special Meeting within ten (10) days of receipt of a request signed by 25% of the General Membership. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum at any Director meeting. In an emergency, the President may poll the majority of the Board of Directors by phone and report results at the next General meeting, and giving the names of the Board Members contacted.

Section 4. General Membership meetings will be held no less than 5 times per year. Voting for new officers will be held at the November meeting. Meetings shall start after completion of play by all members, unless play was canceled prior to or during play due to weather or other conditions. then it will convene at 11:30 AM.

Section 5. The Bi-Laws may be amended at any general meeting by a two-thirds vote of the membership in attendance only between January and April (Inclusive) and must be posted at least 2 weeks prior to that vote.

Section 6. In the event a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors it shall be filled through an appointment by the President with a majority approval of the Board of Directors.





Section 1. Membership shall not exceed 350. This organization shall be open to any adult male, in good standing and have an established handicap of 36 or less which must be verified by the current handicap system. Membership in the current computerized handicap system is required. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list only after the 350 cap is reached.

Section 2. Each member must play a minimum of 12 tournament rounds during the year to receive a complementary dinner ticket to the annual Men’s Golf Association Dinner/Dance. These tickets are non-transferable. If a member receives a ticket then decides not to use it, he must return it. The Board of Directors must approve any and all exceptions to this section.

Section 3. Membership in the BFB Men’s Golf Association does not require a BFB Golf Course Membership.




Section 1. The President shall preside as chairman at all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President perform the duties of the President. If both the President and the Vice-President will be absent from any meeting, the President shall select a member of the Board of Directors to preside over the meeting.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep the records of all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors. He shall have charge of sending out all required notices and the handling of correspondence when so requested by the President.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all funds received from dues and other sources, depositing such monies in the name of and to the credit of the Association in such Depository as shall be designated by the Board of Directors. He shall disburse all funds for


expenses and prize certificates and shall give a financial report for the previous month at each monthly meeting of the Board of Directors and at all General Meetings. The Treasurer’s books may be audited yearly no later than March 1st. Signatures of the Treasurer, Secretary and one other member of the Board of Directors shall be required on the Bank Signature Card.




Section 1. All golf activities and tournaments of this Association shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the USGA Golf Association except as modified by local rules and rules of the Barefoot Bay Men's Golf Association and such modifications as the Board of Directors or the Tournament Committee may adopt from time to time.

Section 2. Tournament play shall be on Wednesday of each week unless an alternate day has been designated or as scheduled by the Tournament Committee. A scheduled tournament (in whole or in part) can only be canceled by the Tournament Chairman or the President. In the absence of the Tournament Chairman or President, any other member of the Board of Directors can make the decision to cancel.

Section 3. Official starting times for the Association shall be posted for each tournament.

Section 4. Only those members having established handicaps with the Association shall be eligible for tournament events. Member-Guest Tournaments, etc. shall be open to all members and guests.

Section 5. The Board of Directors shall authorize expense for such prizes and trophies as requested by the Tournament Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 6. For Wednesday tournament play a Member must:

a. Sign up for play no later than Saturday, 12 o’clock noon for the upcoming Wednesday's match.

    1. b. Each weeks play will cost $5.00. This will include $4.00 for play and event prizes, and $1.00 for closest to the pin prizes. An additional fee will be charged for scramble/meeting events that include food and drink.

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  2. c. A Lock Box and Pre-Printed Envelopes will be available in the members area of the pro shop. A notice on the of the Lock Box will indicate the Game to be played and the date you are up for. Each member must fill out one envelope with his name, membership number, and game date, deposit $5 (or required amount for scramble with food and drinks) in the envelope, seal it, and post it in the Lock Box. A new envelope must be deposited for every game you want to play.

d. Cancellations must be called in no later than Monday before noon. Failure to call and cancel invites a penalty of two (2) weeks of tournament play (at the discretion of the committee) , however the submitted fee is refundable.

e. If a member cancels or if weather causes cancellation of scheduled play, the member’s submitted fees will be available to him either as a refund or to use for his next game. After four (4) weeks, the money goes into the treasury.

f. Members must check in at the Pro-shop desk to receive a receipt to present to starter before play. For shotgun starts players are required to be at the Pro-shop ½ hour before the posted tee time.

Section 7. Flight setups for Wednesday Tournaments are determined by handicaps. Our goal is to keep the flights as equal as possible. Due to handicaps rising and falling, the flights may change from time to time. The flights and pairings/tee sheets for Wednesday tournaments will be posted prior to play.

Section 8. The winners of Wednesday tournaments will be posted no later than the following Friday.

Section 9. All members must know and comply with all USGA and LOCAL RULES. All cart drivers must comply with GOLF COURSE CART RULES. IN ADDITION THE FOLLOWING GENERAL RULES APPLY:

  1. Dress code for all Wednesday tournaments will be the courses posted dress code.

  2. Slow play cannot be tolerated. In order to speed up the pace of play, competitors are highly encouraged to pick up when they are clearly out of the hole. The player that picks up should post a score that he most likely would have had with an X proceeding the number. Picking up is only allowed if your score will not be used for the team’s best ball(s) score. Picking up is also encouraged in quota games when you get to double bogey.


If you pick up during Low Net or Low Gross tournaments, your score will not be eligible for prizes so do only when it is clear that you will not place.

UNFINISHED HOLES: The following comes verbatim from the USGA: “If a player does not finish a hole, record the most likely score for handicap purposes.” A most likely score is the number of strokes already taken, plus in the player’s best judgment, the number of strokes needed to complete the hole from that point more than half the time.

The most likely score should have an “X” preceding the number. For example, player A is just off the green in two (2) strokes, and player A’s partner just holed out for a two (2), therefore, player A decides to pick up. Player A determines the most likely score would have been to chip on and two put, therefore, player A will record an X-5 on the score card (two (2) strokes already taken plus three (3) more strokes to complete the hole.


  1. For closest-to-the-pin play, the ball must be on the green with your first shot to qualify. Tape and record the distance then leave the tape and record on or next to the green. Only collect these cards if you are instructed to do so.


  2. All scorecards must be signed by a member and attested to by another member of the team or foursome. All players in a foursome are encouraged to check scores throughout the round. If corrections have to be made on the card, use an eraser and make the correction legible. All scorecards must be legible and must be turned in (placed in the collection box) immediately after play has finished. Scorecards that are NOT turned in immediately after Wednesday play will be disqualified.






Section 1. Payment for dues shall accompany application for membership. The dues for twelve (12) months shall be Twenty Five Dollars ($25.00) and cover the period from January 1st through December 31st, inclusive. All new members, regardless of when they join the Association, will be considered to have paid from January 1st through December 31st of the current year. Any new member joining the association after the summer break will be considered for a prorated membership fee.

Section 2. Current Association expenses shall be met promptly from the Association’s funds.

Section 3. Annual membership dues are due January 1st and, if not paid; the member will not be allowed to play until paid.


The Rules & Regulations may be amended at any general meeting of the Association by a majority vote of the membership in attendance only between January and April (Inclusive) and must be posted at least 2 weeks prior to that vote.


It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to examine the conduct of all members during Association functions and Board Members in general, if necessary, to administer punitive measures in the form of temporary suspension of Association privileges or revocation of membership.