Happy January 2021 to all our members:


I trust this brief letter finds that each one you and your families have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and an enjoyable New Years. Although it was celebrated differently than Linda and I are accustomed, we had enjoyable Holidays. We pray that 2021 returns all of us to a normal lifestyle.


Covid-19 continues to dictate how we live our lives but we are hopeful that the vaccine will become more available in short order. We continue to see a spike in cases of the Corona virus throughout Florida as well as a slight increase in Barefoot Bay. I also hear that several of our membership tested positive for the virus.


PLEASE continue to practice the recommendations of the CDC namely, WEAR A FACE MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCING AND FREQUENT HAND SANITIZING! If we continue to follow these simple guidelines, we’ll all get through this together as well as protecting our friends and loved ones.


I also want to wish my congratulations to the newly elected Board of Trustees. If there is anything that myself or the Barefoot Bay Men’s Golf League can do for you please let us know so that the Bay continues to remain the Paradise we enjoy.


Please stay healthy and safe for 2021.



Ed Constantino,


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