Dear Members of the league:

I hope this letter finds you and your families safe and well. The coronavirus is still around so please continue to maintain safe practices as suggested by the CDC even if you have received the vaccine. As of this past Monday, the Governor has released more vaccines and has lowered the eligibility to Sixty years old (60) and above effective Monday March 15th. The Lutheran Church, here in the Bay, will be offering the vaccine starting this Friday March 12th thru Monday March 15th. You may sign up by calling the Church, our Administration Building or the CVO. The Vaccine will be available for persons Sixty-Five and older on Friday and Sunday and the eligibility drops to sixty on Monday. They take your name, address, date of birth and your phone number. Depending on the number of persons registering and the number of vaccines they will call you back with an appointment. I signed up today and I’m waiting for my appointment time if I’m lucky.

Our last Board meeting was held on Monday March 3rd. Treasurer’s report showed that our current balance was $6,355.47. After the pre-paid golf is deducted, the available balance is $4,802.67. Our Vice President reports that our Hole-in-One club has 61 members and our overall membership in the league is 123 golfers. We still have room in the Hole-in-One club for more participants. Spread the word!

Please remember these IMPORTANT dates:

  • March 17th Corned Beef, coleslaw and beer

  • Our Spring picnic will occur in late April or early May. More info. to follow

  • Our Christmas Party/Holiday Celebration will be Saturday December 11th in Building A

Please remain safe and I will see you all on March 17th if not before.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


Ed Constantino,


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