To all the Members of the Men’s golf League:

Welcome to September. We have braved some of the Hottest weather I can remember since moving to Florida several years ago. We should be over with the heat and humidity in the next couple of months and hopefully the threats of tropical storms.

As I look around, I see Building “A” renovations in progress. I have not been officially told when the construction will be complete but it is well on its way. The 19th Hole and the Lounge remain officially closed until restrictions are lifted by our Governor. CDC Guidelines remain in effect and should be practiced by ALL members when in public. 6 ft. distancing, face masks worn in situations where you can not guarantee the 6 feet along with frequent hand washings.

Our league will officially begin again on October 7th . Our next Board meeting will be on October 14th. All members are strongly advised to maintain a current e-mail address so the information can be shared in a timely manner.

The Board has tentatively scheduled a Members cook-out on October 28th. Details to follow as to where and what time. REMEMBER, Covid-19 guidelines will be mandatory.

Our Leagues election of Officers will be held on November 25th. The Board has not yet determined how each member may vote because we are not sure if there will be a space large enough to hold a General Meeting at the same time. Details will follow. If you are interested in running for office contact me to sign up, or sign up online on our leagues webpage. Sign-up must be done in October to run for Officers.

The Board is also looking into the possibility of having on-line voting for Men’s League Officers on the Member’s web page.

As many will travel back to the Sunshine State in the upcoming months, please stay safe. I wish all a safe journey and remember to REMAIN VIGILANT!!

Hope to see you all soon!

Ed Constantino

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