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Dear members of our men’s golf league:
     This is my final President’s men’s corner article for the 2021 golf season.  As we start 2022 in a few days, we will welcome our new President, Mr. David Conner.  David has served as the Vice President of the league for the past 2 years.  He has been a great support to me as President and as I pass along the gavel, I have faith and confidence he will lead this organization with honesty and integrity.  David will do a great job.  Congratulations President Conner.  
      I have had the pleasure of working along side some of the most professional individuals in the golfing community.  The Executive Board has shown me the support over the past two years beyond belief.  Their commitment and dedication has been exemplary.  Every decision has been made only with well thought out plans and ALWAYS with the best interest of the BBRD Men’s Golf League in mind.  All the Executive Board has been such a support to me and I thank you for all that!
     We have all experienced very challenging times over the past two years but have “weathered the storm.”  We need to remain Covid cautious and not Covid paranoid.  We all need to attempt to return to a normal holiday season and enjoy the many holiday festivities.  
     I would like to wish each and every member of the Golf League, their families and loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  Please stay safe if you’re traveling during these joyous times.
Happy Holidays to all!
Ed Constantino, President