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Men's League TEE assignments are determined by your Handicap Index. Updated 1/6/2020 to align to the World handicapping System. 

Simple: If your GHIN Index is 18.9 or less you play from the Blue Tees.

19.0 to 33.3 you play from the White Tees.  33.9 and up you play from the Green Tees

Click here to go to the FSGA Handicap Calculator. 

Use your Handicap Index and fill in 59.1 for the Course Rating

and 104 for the Slope. This is your Blue Tee handicap. 

For White Tees use 58.5 for the Course Rating and a slope of 100.

For Green use 75.8 for the Course Rating and a slope of 97.

Click here to see how your handicap was figured for a tournament

You will have to click on a tournament then your name when you are redirected to the portal.

  If you are over 80 years old, you may use the tee of your choice, but once chosen you have to live with it for 6 months. Also you will be given the handicap appropriate at that tee box according to the World Handicapping system.


  FLIGHTS:  The Golf Genius program groups players into flights by index. Then converted to handicap according to tee assignment.

Flights are as follow: 

 Flight 1: index 0 to index 18.9

 Handicap  0 thru 16

 Blue Tees 


Flight 2: index 19.0 to index 23.7

Handicap 15 (16) thru 19 

White Tees 


Flight 3: index 23.8 to index 33.8

Handicap 20 thru 28

White Tees   


index 33.9  thru index 50.0

Handicaps 27 thru 34

Green Tees 


 MAX HANDICAP for Barefoot Bay Golf Course is 34 per Ernie Cruz

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