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Men's League TEE assignments and Flights are determined by your

GHIN Handicap Index. 

Updated 10/11/2022 to align with the updated course rating.

Updated 02/12/2023 to make the flights more equal.

Updated 11/21/2023 to make the tees more consistent.

Simple: If your GHIN Index is 16.9 or less you play from the Blue Tees.

 17.0 through 33.4 you play from the White Tees.

An index of 33.5 and up you play from the Green Tees

Click here to go to the FSGA Handicap Calculator. 

Use your Handicap Index and fill in 59.1 for the Course Rating

and 104 for the Slope. This is your Blue Tee handicap. 

For White Tees use 58.5 for the Course Rating and a slope of 100.

For Green use 57.8 for the Course Rating and a slope of 97.

Click here to see how your handicap was figured for a tournament. When you are redirected to the portal, you will have to click on a tournament then find your name. Hover over the the handicap number that you want to look at.

  If you are over 80 years old or have a health problem, you may use the tee of your choice, but once chosen you have to live with it for 6 months. Also you will be given the handicap appropriate at that tee box according to the World Handicapping system.

If you have an index of  less than 23.0 you may request to always play from the Blue tees even if you are in Flight 2. If you do, you have to live with it for 6 months.


  FLIGHTS:  The Golf Genius program groups players into flights by index, then converts it to a handicap according to tee assignment.

 For the majority of the season..

Flights are as follow (may be adjusted prior to game)

 Flight 1: index 0 to index 16.9

 Handicap  0 thru 15 from Blue Tees 


 Flight 1: index 17.0 to index 19.5

 Handicaps  14 thru 16 from White Tees


Flight 2: index 19.6 to index 24.9

Handicap 16 thru 21 from White Tees 


Flight 3: index 25.0 to index 33.4

Handicap 21 thru 26 from White Tees   


Flight 3:index 33.5  to max

Handicaps 28 and up Green Tees 



 MAX HANDICAP for Barefoot Bay Golf Course is 34 

Barefoot Bay Men's Golf Association

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