Barefoot Bay Men's Golf Association 

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Barefoot Bay Men’s Golf Association 

Minutes – General Meeting – 3/27/2019

Meeting called to order by the President at 11:40 PM

A moment of silence was observed and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the membership.

Roll Call was requested by the President with the following results.

President – John Armstrong Present

Vice President – Ed Constantino Present

Secretary – Ken Gionet Present

Treasurer –-Hugh Murphy Present

Tournament Chairman - Bruce Amoss Present

Scoring Chairman – Mark Lavaway Present

Verifying Chairman – Charlie Lefebvre Present

Rules Chairman – Bill Farynaz Absent

Social Chairman - David Foisy Present

Publicity Chairman – Mike Lontine Present

Sunshine Chairman – Scott Carmichael Present

Secretary’s Report – The membership was asked if there are any additions or corrections to the minutes for our 2/27/2019 General Meeting as posted on our website. With no additions or corrections offered, the minutes are approved as posted.

Treasurers Report – Hugh Murphy reported that we currently have a balance of $3,078 and that we are in good financial shape. He asked if anyone had any questions and said he would also be available to answer anything after the meeting. A motion to accept this report as given was made by Scott Carmichael, seconded by Jack Keenan and unanimously approved.

Correspondence: None

Presidents Report – John informed the membership that due to the postponement from last week due to weather, the two week match play tournament was a lot of work to reschedule. Some of the board members who were organizing this event made more than 100 phone calls and spent many hours just to make it happen this week. He specifically thanked Bruce Amoss and his wife, Mark Lavaway, and Johns wife. The membership was asked if they would like to do this again next year and every member present with the exception of one was enthusiastically in favor. There were a few suggestions for some format changes that will be considered.

Vice Presidents Report – Ed Constantino reported that we currently have 135 members.


Tournament Chairman – Bruce asked everyone to please update their contact numbers. There were some people that could not be notified about the tournament changes due to incorrect or non existent numbers. Please also check our website as postings are always made to keep you informed. Every reasonable attempt was made to insure as many people as possable were contacted.

Scoring Chairman – Mark said that he is getting a few score cards each week that are incomplete. Missing hole scores, totals not added up, incomplete signatures, etc. He reminded everyone that he must disqualify the team if their card is incomplete. He suggested that someone else keep a second card só that any differences can be corrected after each hole and at the end of the match before your score card is turned in. Again, if the card is incomplete you will be disqualified


Verifying Chairman – Charlie announced the tournament prize winners for each flight. There were no closest to the pin prizes awarded this week because everyone did not get to play their hole due to the weather cancelation before completion of play.

Rules Chairman – Absent

Social Chairman – David announced that the arrangements for the picnic this saturday at Fishermans Landing Pavilion in Grant are complete. This will be held from 12 to 3:30 pm with music provided by Randy Beaumont. If you have not signed up yet for this you must do so today in order to attend. Please see Bruce after the meeting. Its $5 per member and $5 for one guest only. Hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, beer, wine and soft drinks will be provided.

Publicity Chairman - Mike reported that the tournament results will be put in our local papers.

Sunshine Chairman – Scott is looking for address information for Burt Webster who recently passed away. Anyone having a mailing address for the family please let him know.

Old Business - None

New Business – 50/50 winners were drawn. There were 3 winners at $50 each. Hugh Murphy, Rich Krywe and Mike Maino were the lucky winners.

Our next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday April 24th 2019 immediatly following end of play.

A motion to adjourn was made by Dennis Denobile 2nd by Ed Saksa and was unanimously approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Gionet, Secretary.