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Minutes – General Meeting – 2/28/2018

Meeting called to order by the Vice President at 11:31 PM

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the membership and a Moment of silence was observed.

Roll Call was requested by the President with the following results.

President – John Armstrong Present

Vice President – Steve Kratunis Present

Secretary – Ken Gionet Present

Treasurer –-Hugh Murphy Present

Tournament Chairman - Bruce Amoss Present

Scoring Chairman – Bob Ragnone Present

Verifying Chairman – Charlie Lefebvre Present

Rules Chairman – Bill Farynaz Present

Social Chairman - David Foisy Present

Publicity Chairman – Mike Lontine Present

Sunshine Chairman – Scott Carmichael Present

The minutes of the January 24, 2018 general meeting were read by the secretary. A motion to accept these as read was made by Steve Kratunis, 2nd by Bill Farynaz and was unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report – Hugh Murphy reported that we have a current balance of $2,822.92.

A motion to accept these as read was made by Steve Kratunis, 2nd by Mike Lontine and

was unanimously approved.

Correspondence: It was announced that Roger Beagault passed away recently and condolences are extended to all of his family.

The President asked the membership to consider a vote to accept the proposed Bi-Laws and

Rules & Regulations changes. A copy of the changes have been posted for the last 2 weeks on the Men’s League web site as well as in the Men’s League binder in the Pro Shop. He stated that most of the changes are to properly state current procedures and to clean up incorrectly

worded verbiage. The most significant change, as discussed in the previous General Meeting,

is to increase the annual dues from $20 to $25. After discussion and questions a motion was

made by Ken Gionet, seconded by Steve Kratunis that we accept these changes as posted.

Two votes were taken. First for the Bi-Laws changes requiring a 2/3 majority which passed

unanimously, and second for the Rules & Regulations changes which also passed


Committee Reports:

Vice President – Steve Kratunis reported that we currently have 136 members.

Tournament Chairman – Bruce Amoss asked the membership how they liked the new game that we played today called a Florida Scramble. Everyone but one member liked the format.

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Minutes – General Meeting – 2/28/2018

Bruce informed the members that the sign-up envelopes and box to put them in is available

from Wednesday AM until Saturday at noon. The standby sign-up sheet is available after that

and will only be used for fill-in’s. Last minute additions will not be accepted.

A discussion was had about the new skins game. It was decided by members requests that

we try and do this by flight. Bruce said he will try and set it up that way next week and see how it works out.

Scoring Chairman – Bob Ragnone - Nothing to report

Verifying Chairman – Charlie Lefebvre - Nothing to report

Rules Chairman – Bill noted that he had posted 5 new items on the web site this month.

Social Chairman – David Foisy reported that we will be having a picnic for members and

guests on Saturday March 31st. This will be at the Fishermans Landing Pavilion in Grant.

Details will be posted soon.

Publicity Chairman – Mike Lontine – Nothing to report.

Sunshine Chairman – Scott Charmichael – Nothing to report

Old Business - None

New Business – None

Our next scheduled meeting will be March 28th.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ken Gionet, 2nd by Hugh Murphy and was unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 12:06 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Gionet, Secretary.