Barefoot Bay Men's Golf Association 

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Minutes – General Meeting – 11/27/2901

Meeting called to order by the President at 1135 AM

A moment of silence was observed and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the membership.

Roll Call was requested by the President with the following results.

President – John Armstrong Present

Vice President – Ed Constantino Present

Secretary – Ken Gionet Present

Treasurer –-Hugh Murphy Absent

Tournament Chairman - Bruce Amoss Present

Scoring Chairman – Mark Lavaway Present

Verifying Chairman – Charlie Lefebvre Present

Rules Chairman – Bill Farynaz Present

Social Chairman - David Foisy Present

Publicity Chairman – Mike Lontine Present

Sunshine Chairman – Scott Carmichael Absent

Secretary’s Report – The secretary asked for a motion to accept the minutes of the previous general meeting as posted. Bud Henderson made this motion, 2nd by Jim McSally and it was unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report – Bruce reported the following in Hugh Murphy’s absence. Beginning balance as of 10/31/2019 was $4,827.35. There were receipts of $1335.00, expenses were $773.27 leaving us with with a balance of $5389.08. A motion to accept this as read was made by Jim McClintock 2nd by Doug McGrath and it was unanimously approved.

At this point of the meeting we entered into our Annual Elections process.

The 2 people running for President (Ed Constantino and Steve Kratunis) and the 2 people running for Vice President (Dave Connor and Richard Filby) were each given a few minutes to address the membership. One ballot was handed out to each member present, time was given to vote and the ballots were collected from all.

While the ballots were being counted and recorded the Secretary read the following;

As the Secretary of the Barefoot Bay Men’s Golf Association I submit one vote for each of the following uncontested Board of Directors Positions that will serve as the official ballot and election results for the Term of Jan. 1, 2020 thru Dec. 31, 2020 for those positions.


Secretary Ken Gionet

Treasurer Hugh Murphy

Tournament Chairman Bruce Amoss

Scoring Chairman Mark Lavaway

Verifying Chairman Charlie Lefebvre

Rules Chairman Bill Farynaz

Social Chairman David Foisy

Publicity Chairman Mike Lontine

Sunshine Chairman Scott Carmichael

Do I hear a motion to accept this as the official record of election for these positions.

Please state your name for the record.

A motion by Bob McClain, seconded by Jack Keenan was unanimously approved.

The results of the ballot count was announced.

President elect was Ed Constantino. (66 to 16)

Vice President elect was Dave Connor. (51 to 31)

Correspondence: None

Presidents Report - John thanked everyone for all the support he has received during his term as President. John thanked Bud Henderson for his willingness to step in and do the 50/50 duties while Scott Carmichael is out and he gave a special thanks to Bruce Amoss for the countless hours he spends as tournament chairman.

John asked the secretary to explain the upcoming changes being considered to our Bi-Laws and Rules & Regulations. Ken gave a brief summary of the three changes that are being proposed. These changes will be posted on the Board in the pro shop no later than Jan 1, 2020. We will be voting on these at our general meeting scheduled for January 22, 2020. Please read these so you will be familiar with the proposed changes.

Vice Presidents Report - Ed Constantino reported the following.

- The hole-in-one pool currently has $360 in the pot.

- 2 new members were recognized and welcomed into the Men’s League.


Tournament Chairman - Bruce Amoss discussed the following;

Bruce told the membership that we will be having a Men’s League Championship. This will be the best 2 of 4 low net matches held between January and March next year with an overall champion. Final details are still being worked out and will be announced shortly.

Bruce also advised everyone that the gin system method of calculating handicaps is changing as of 1/1/2020. Information is posted on-line, in the Pro-Shop and a link is available on our website as well.

Scoring Chairman - Mark Lavaway reminded everyone that you should always put the gross scores on the card. Never deduct strokes from scores posted. Not doing this could lead to disqualification.

Verifying Chairman - Charlie Lefebvre announced the winners for closest to the pin. There were two at $40 each and due to the mixed flight format they were team prizes.

Rules Chairman - Bill Farynaz clarified some rules and told everyone that if there is ever any question on a rule while playing that you can always play a second ball to the hole and the correct rule determination can be made after play is finished.

Social Chairman - David Foisy told everyone that if you want to attend the Christmas party being held on December 14th the last day to sign-up is today. If you are not signed-up today you can not attend.

Publicity Chairman – No report

Sunshine Chairman – No report

Old Business - None

New Business - None

Our next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday January 22nd immediatly following end of play.

A motion to adjourn was made by Dennis Denobile, 2nd by Ed Reardon and was unanimously approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:20PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Gionet, Secretary.