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Minutes – General Meeting – 10/24/2018

Meeting called to order by the President at 11:25 AM

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the membership and a Moment of silence was observed.

Roll Call was requested by the President with the following results.

President – John Armstrong Present

Vice President – Steve Kratunis Present

Secretary – Ken Gionet Present

Treasurer –-Hugh Murphy Present

Tournament Chairman - Bruce Amoss Present

Scoring Chairman – Bob Ragnone Absent

Verifying Chairman – Charlie Lefebvre Present

Rules Chairman – Bill Farynaz Present

Social Chairman - David Foisy Present

Publicity Chairman – Mike Lontine Present

Sunshine Chairman – Scott Carmichael Present

The minutes of the March 28, 2018 general meeting were read by the secretary. A motion to accept this as read was made by Bob McClain, 2nd by Herb Steelman and was unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report – Hugh Murphy reported that we have a current balance of $4,565.44. This represents about the same funding level as last year at this time. A motion to accept this as read was made by Doug McGrath, 2nd by Herb Steelman and was unanimously approved.

Correspondence: None

The President Reported the following;

That we have 4 new paid members.

The Christmas part will be held on Saturday December 15th in building A. 12 rounds of golf must have been played to qualify for free admission and that the price for one allowed guest will be $15.

On the Wednesday match to be held on 1/2/2019 we will be having hot dogs and hamburgers being cooked outside as well as our usual beverages.

Committee Reports:

Vice President – Steve Kratunis reminded the membership that dues are due and unless you have paid you will not be allowed to play.

Steve stated that he will be retiring from his position as Vice President at the end of this year and he appreciates all the support he has received from the membership over the last few years. Our President thanked him for his years of generous service.

Tournament Chairman – Bruce Amoss spoke on the following.

- Skins for our weekly matches. There is very little interest and it will be discontinued for now.

- For our upcomming match on Wednesday Nov. 14th the front nine will be undergoing

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Minutes – General Meeting – 10/24/2018

overseeding and will be closed. We will be having some sort of nine hole fun type play that day. The exact event will be announced prior to sign-up that week.

- He reminded everyone that for all games except low net, if you are obviously out of the hole like you put 2 balls in the water, that you should pick up, mark an X and your most probable score on the card. This will help speed up play and the computer system will handle putting in the max equitable allowable score for you handicap.

Scoring Chairman – Bob Ragnone – Absent - No Report

Verifying Chairman – Charlie LeFebbvre

Charlie explained the specific method we use to pay the winners in each flight and he announced the winners for closest to the pin and the winners in each flight for todays match.

Rules Chairman – Bill Farynz spoke on the following.

- There are some rules changes comming January 1st next year. He has a chart with all the proposed changes that he will post. Once everything is finalized by the USGA they will also be posted. This is expected to be in print by mid January. These are also available at and this gives a complete and accurate explination of every rules change with vídeo.

Social Chairman – David Foisy - At our annual elections and general meeting next month on 11/28 we will be having chicken flourintene as our meal.

Publicity Chairman – Mike reported that the papers will be reporting our activity as usual.

Sunshine Chairman – Scott Carmichael asked that if anyone knows of someone who is sick or is going thru a family hardship to please let him know so we can respond appropriately.

Old Business - None

New Business –

Our club Pro Ernie Cruse spoke and he welcomed everyone back. He reminded everyone using golf carts not to drive next the greens and if you are legitimately handicapped to always stay outside of the blue stakes. He told everyone not to cross the golf course at any time when not playing in order to get from one place to another. Please use the roads like everyone else has to. He reported that the bunker repair restrictions due to the new transion grass should be lifted very soon, determined by the new sod taking root. He told the membership that he and Bill Balash, the assistant pro, are available at any time to answer any questions you may have. He said that they will be agresively doing weed control with a massive spraying project over the entire course. This will cause some yellowing of the fairways, tee boxes greens and rough but they will recover over a reasonable period of time.

Winners of the 50/50 @ 3 $40 prizes were drawn. The winners were Bobby Shea, Bobby Shea (He drew his own name) and Pete Walsh.

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Minutes – General Meeting – 10/24/2018

Our next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday November 28th.

This will also be our annual elections meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made by Bob McClain 2nd by Dennis Denobile and was unanimously approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:08 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Gionet, Secretary.